In – Depth Feedback

A new way of learning

We are pleased to announce a new service for landscape photographers.

We have been thinking that many of us can’t afford or can’t physically participate on a photographic workshop for a variety of reasons. Does this mean all those people are not entitled to learn, progress and be inspired? We think not.

As our motive is to help people improve their skills, the idea of offering help through internet was born.


How does the system work?

Simple really. The idea is based on the “Learning Through Feedback” technique. You send us your picture, we analyse it extensively and we get back to you with our In-Depth feedback and how to improve advice. After completion of payment and the image file has been received, this is how we proceed:


Full review and analysis of your picture. This usually gives us an idea of your experience level and how best to work with you.


We post-process your picture in Lightroom. Our processing experience guarantees best results for any given situation. The file is then returned to you as Lightroom catalog; this means that, when you open the image in Lightroom, you will be able to see all adjustments made through our processing technique. Note: if you do not use Lightroom, you will still receive a large file with full details.


As well as the processed picture, we will send you a multi page PDF file with all our thoughts and constructive feedback. In this PDF file you will find tips and techniques on:

  • Composition
  • Focusing
  • Exposure
  • Various tips and techniques
  • A variety of sample images that will guide you through the learning process

How much will this cost me?

The cost for all this is £65 per picture.

How long does the entire procedure take?

It depends on the volume of pictures we have for feedback, usually between 2 – 5 weeks.

When can we start?

Right now, click the button below and you are ready to go.